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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Henry Ford's Resting Spot.

Marty, one of the devoted readers of Vintage Ford Facts sent me a couple photos of Henry Ford's grave and the Ford Cemetery. With his permission I've posted them here for everyone.

The Ford Cemetery is located at Joy Rd, just a bit west of Greenfield Rd. in Dearborn. Henry Ford's parents, Clara Ford and many of Henry's brothers & sisters as well as distant relatives are buried in this cemetery.

Edsel Ford is not buried in this cemetery, he is buried in Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit.

The Ford Cemetery got it's start in 1842 when Samuel Ford died. He owned & farmed the land which was to become the Ford Cemetery with his burial being the first here. Over the years more & more Fords & Ahern's were buried here.

Before Clara Ford died in 1950, she donated enough land & a sizable cash donation for the formation of St. Martha's Episcopal Church, which still stands on the site.

For a more thorough history of the Cemetery, I highly recommend reading Ford Bryan's book "The Fords of Dearborn." You can also find relevant information in old copies of "The Dearborn Historian" a house organ published by the Dearborn Historical Society in Dearborn, MI.

On a personal note, the writer visited the Ford Cemetery in 1998 and 2003. I recommend anyone who is into Ford stuff to do likewise. After all, it's the closet you'll ever get to meeting him.