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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ford Treasure of the day.

 (From the Author's Collection)

This is a 1960 edition of "Henry Ford A Personal History". First published in 1953, this book contains a short biography of Henry Ford along with a few pictures, some published for the first time in this book. There is a nice Foreword written by Margaret Ford Ruddiman- Henry's sister. Also included are short entries by Donald Shelley and the Trustees of the Henry Ford Museum.

The book is much more than just a brief biography. It also contains a detailed inventory of the Henry Ford exhibit that was on the second floor of the Henry Ford Museum. It lists all the murals(most of them painted by Irving Bacon, Ford's in house artist) and the subject of same, as well as detailed notes on what is displayed in each glass showcase. While I'm sure this list is no longer accurate, it does give a nice visual image as to what as displayed in 1953.