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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ford Sites Map Updated

Spent a little time over the summer to add more locations to the Google Maps showing Ford locations. This is an exclusive to Vintage Ford facts. There may be imitators & wanna bes, but there is only one site dedicated solely to pre-1940 Ford History.

Over the next couple months I will be adding other things such as branch assembly plants, Vacation & summer homes of the Ford family that are located outside of Michigan, places that are of value to other Ford Historians.

My ultimate goal is to have an all inclusive one stop source for Ford History locations. It has not been a small undertaking by any stretch, but I feel this to be a worthwhile effort.

You can access the map at the link below. It's free to use, I only ask for proper credit with a link back to this site to be given in the event it is used for a commercial concern.

View Ford Sites in a larger map