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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Piece of Ford history up for sale.

While this isn't the normal post here at Vintage Ford Facts, it is certainly interesting.

This property was given to Ray & Evangeline Dahlinger by Henry Ford in the early 1920s. The Dahlingers not only worked for Henry Ford personally, but they were his confidants and neighbors.

Henry Ford was known to give lavish gifts to his friends and employees. This property and many others like it in Michigan survive to this day. We are working on compiling a list of these surviving properties.

Craftsmen from Greenfield Village built the windmill, which is topped by a propeller from a Ford Tri-motor. It's rumored Charles Lindbergh stayed in this windmill on a couple occasions. Based on the photos it appears the main house has had little alteration over the years. John Dahlinger in his book "The Secret Life of Henry Ford" goes into some detail about this particular property. You can find this book at most online used book sellers for a nominal price.

Check out this link for photos. It's located at 4951 Lakeshore in Lexington, MI. I do not advise unannounced arrival however. It would be best to check with the listing real estate agent and go from there.

Ray & Evangeline Dahlinger Lake Huron Home