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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homes of Ford Executives- Peter "Ed" Martin

Ed Martin left, with Henry Ford in late 1931. Note the 1932 Ford Chassis in the background.

Peter "Ed" Martin had the distinction of being the the 5th employee hired by Ford Motor Company in 1903. As he rose from the ranks of machine design & engineering, he became the head of manufacturing working closely with Charles Sorensen and Henry Ford on a daily basis. We will do a more in depth post on Ed Martin in a future post.

Ed Martin had several homes through out the years, but the 2 pictured below are the ones he lived in during his peak at Ford Motor. The first home was located at 1486 Chicago Blvd. in the Boston Edison District of Detroit. Among other notable people living in this neighborhood were James Couzens, Horace & John Dodge, and others. Henry Ford lived in this neighborhood at 140 Edison from 1906-1915 after which he moved to Dearborn. This is 1486 Chicago as it looks today-
As success & fortune followed him at the time he was appointed a Vice President of Ford Motor, Martin bought a stately home in the Palmer Woods district of Michigan i the 1920s. This home still stands today at 1411 Wellesley. Here's a current photo.