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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Edsel Ford II Looks for his Great Great Grandfather's Punchbowl

While we normally don't cover anything here past 1940, this is rather interesting.
In the photo above you see Henry Ford & Spider Huff racing their Sweepstakes car marked #4 in this photo against Alexander Winton at the Grosse Pointe, MI race track in 1901.

Winton was favored to win this race, so much so his agent selected a rather ornate cut glass punch bowl that he thought would look good in the bay window of the Winton home. On race day Henry Ford had other ideas about who was going to win and through determination and stamina, HE won the cut glass punch bowl.

This punch bowl followed the Fords as they moved over the years, from Hendrie Avenue, 66 Edison- both in Detroit and finally onto Fair Lane where the bowl remained until Clara Ford's death in 1950.

When Clara Ford died, The Ford Grandchildren Josephine, Benson, William Clay and Henry II had their pick of the furnishings & china, but they took very little. A sale conducted by Perke-Bennett Galleries of New York  helped to dispose of the unwanted items, among these the cut glass punch bowl.

Several searches have been conducted in the past but these were less than fruitful. Now Edsel Ford II has started yet a new search in hopes to find the long forgotten punch bowl.

This USA Today link  shows a photo of the missing punchbowl.
Further Reading Here  and the video below: