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Thursday, December 2, 2010

On This Day In 1927.......


The Model A Ford made it's debut. Thomas Edison had the honor of getting Model A No. 1, a Tudor sedan rebodied with a Phaeton body with black leather upholstery. This car still exists in the collection of the Henry Ford Museum, but I don't think it is on display currently.
Among the early receivers of a Model A were:
Photobucket James Couzens - Former Ford Secretary/Treasurer and at the time of receiving Model A Serial No. 35 (also Couzens 1903 Model A was Serial No. 35) Couzens is the man wearing glasses & holding the door open on his very early Sport Coupe.
Mary Pickford also got a Sport Coupe by contacting Edsel Ford personally.

A fine display of early '28 Model A's in a Ford Dealer's showroom.
The next couple of days posts will be dedicated to Model A Fords in honor of one of the best cars Ford Motor Company has ever built.