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Friday, December 10, 2010

Model A Ford Bodies at the Long Beach Ford Plant 1930-31

First set of a series I will be doing on the Long Beach Ford Plant. Here you can see bodies in various stages of construction, fenders, and a warehouse full of fenders, engines, and other parts. How'd you like to have all that in your garage right now?  Enough NOS parts to keep you & your friends busy for a good while. Not to mention financing your retirement!
Note the '28-29 cab hanging on the conveyor. Also of note are the sheer amount of dark colored bodies. The Tudor Sedan body at the front of the line appears to have a glass sediment bowl installed. This is quite possibly the trim line where upholstery gets installed.
A wider array of colors on these bodies! I'll take either of those Roadster bodies.....

Bodies ready to be installed on completed chassis. Both Closed & Open Cab Pickup, Tudor, Roadster, Coupe and others not visible. Just finding one of these left behind in a factory would be better than finding gold!
Roadster, Cabriolet, Coupe and one 28-29 Style Closed cab body.