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Friday, November 26, 2010

Working on the Model A

As I dive into the project that is my '31 Model A Pickup freshening up a very old restoration, I'm fixing to tear into the motor and give it an upgrade that it badly needs.

This truck only had around 60K original miles on it when it was restored in 1972. The bore, crank & rod journals are all standard. A rare find today! I've put roughly another 30K miles on it in the 17 yrs I have owned it and recently it developed a dead cylinder. That in addition to the drive train needing to be freshened up in general helped me to decide to pull the old girl off the road and spend some garage time on it.

The plan calls for boring the cylinders if the taper is too much, Winfield grind cam, hi-compression head & either a Model B intake & carb or possibly a downdraft intake with a Holley 94 or Stromberg 97.Of course new valves, springs, timing gears and so forth will be installed.