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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How it all started.....

It's always interesting to learn how people got into certain hobbies, and tho this may bore most, I'm sure there's 2 or 3 people max that will find this of interest.

I grew up around old Fords, at any given time there were 10-15 Model A's & a few 40s & 50s cars in the shop. I suppose I got into the hobby by osmosis.

In 1987 the book "Ford The Man & the Machine" by Robert Lacey came out. Once my grandfather finished reading it, I borrowed this volume & started reading it. Shortly thereafter the highly dramatized movie of the same name came out on TV. Both of these are responsible for starting my interest in Ford history aside from the cars.

I was the only 6th grader at my school reading "Ford Expansion & Challenge" while everyone else had tattered copies of Hardy Boys & Nintendo books. Keep in mind I'm in my young 30s and Nintendo was all the rage as were stone washed jeans back then- circa 1991.

Through the years the interest in Ford history & collectibles has not subsided. My Ford library has around 600 volumes plus another 1000 or so Ford related magazines in addition to various Ford collectible stuff like signs, tokens, employee badges, etc etc...

Do you have a stack of Buckwheat cakes on July 30th like I do? That's Henry Ford's birthday by the way. Buckwheat cakes were one of his favorite foods.