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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Henry Ford Gives His Pocket Watch Away....

In Lapeer, Michigan in 1929 Henry Ford was overseeing the removal of a sawmill he bought for Greenfield Viallge. As he was standing there, three young boys walked into the building and Ford engaged conversation with the kids.

Finding out their ages, Ford at random took out his gold pocket watch and gave it to one of the kids. The boy named "Billy Bob Kahler" was quite pleased but his friends were not since they didn't get a watch.

Henry Ford explained, "I only carry one watch at a time, but I have lots more in Dearborn." He then took down their names & addresses.

This is a fairly typical event with Ford. He liked kids and always tried to help them whether it be free medical care at Henry Ford Hospital or in this case a gold pocket watch.