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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Harry Bennett & Ford Motor Co.

Harry Bennett was essentially Henry Ford's right hand man, taking care of a wide array of matters, from trivial up to the infamous Union Battles of the late 1930s.

His career started at Ford in 1916 after he was introduced to Henry Ford by Arthur Brisbane of the Hearst Publishing Co. Seems as if Harry was using skills he acquired in the Navy boxing under the name "Sailor Reese" to beat up some thug who tried to rob him. Brisbane saw the whole thing go down and brought him along to his appointment with Henry Ford. Upon his introduction to Henry Ford, Ford asked him if he wanted a job 'out at the plant' and put Bennett to work in the Art Department where he exhibited some of skill as an accomplished artist.

He was later promoted to Security at the Eagle Boat plant- which was the famous "B" building at the Rouge Plant.

I'm not going to give his entire life story here as that's been done elsewhere by others, including Harry Bennett himself in his paperback book "We never called him Henry". What I am going to do however is give some insight into Bennett and post some facts and some opinions as well.

Part 2 coming up......